District Conference


"God’s Grace is Sufficient For You"
2nd Corinthians 12:9a

August 2 – 4, 2024
South Waterloo Church of the Brethren
Moderator: Laura Leighton-Harris

From the Moderator: Laura Leighton-Harris

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My theme is from 2nd Corinthians 12:9a - “God’s grace is sufficient for you.”

I invite you to explore with me what this passage is saying to you as an individual, as the body of Christ in our ministry settings, and how we share these words of comfort to others.

Let's reflect on the word “sufficient.” There are many times in life when we will feel “insufficient,” when we will feel beat down and hopeless. In those moments when our thorns feel the sharpest, this is when we need to strive to make our hearts the softest, so that God’s grace, which is sufficient to help us endure our weakest moments, can flow over us and through us, taking away the sting of the thorn and infusing us with a measure of God’s power.

Somehow I've always sort of thought that "sufficient grace" meant "just barely enough" grace, as if God was doling out scant measures of grace and when you had your limit He'd say, "you've had enough, now move along." And then leave you to figure out how to budget the grace you were given to last through your trial or circumstance.

But what 2 Corinthians 12:9 is really saying is that sufficient grace means there is ALWAYS enough grace to meet your needs. Like a deep, bottomless well you can drink from as often and as deeply as you want. If you need more, there is more.

There is always enough. More than enough.

God's grace is infinite. Unending. Unrelenting. Unwavering.

When have you experienced the sufficient grace of God? How can you help others experience it?

How are you experiencing His grace in your life today?

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If you plan to attend conference, please use one of the following methods to make sure your meals are reserved and fees are paid:



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2024 Timeline & Dates to Remember

July 19th

August 2-4

Conference Schedule

FRIDAY, August 2, 2024 

10:00 a.m. Executive Committee Meeting 

12 noon Lunch (District Board and Planning Committee) 

1:00 p.m. District Board Meeting 

3:00 p.m. Ministers and District Board Workshop 

5:30 p.m. Supper 

6:30 p.m. Milestones in Ministry and Church Life 

7:00 p.m. Worship: Laura Leighton-Harris (Moderator) speaking 

8:15 p.m. Ice Cream Social 

SATURDAY, August 3, 2024 

8:00 a.m. Worshipful Work/Business Session 

11:00 a.m. Equipping Session: Tim Button-Harrison 

12 noon Lunch 

1:00 p.m. Worshipful Work/Business Session 

3:30 p.m. Break 

3:45 p.m. Equipping Session: Dava Hensley

5:30 p.m. Supper 

6:30 p.m. Worship: Tim Peter (Prairie City Pastor) speaking 


8:30 a.m. Bible Study: Dava Hensley (Annual Conference Moderator) 

10:00 a.m. Worship: Patrick Jackson (Cedar Rapids Pastor) speaking 

11:45 a.m. Lunch (District Board) 

1:00 p.m. District Board Reorganization


As was the case last year, the Iowa Irish Fest will take place in Waterloo the same weekend as District Conference.  We encourage you to get your hotel reservation on the early side if possible. Limited housing with South Waterloo Church of the Brethren members may also be provided.


Days Inn & Suites by Wyndham Waterloo
1809 Laporte Road, Waterloo, IA, 50702
(319) 427-6046
Boarders Inn & Suites by Cobblestone Hotels - Waterloo/Cedar Falls
LaPorte Rd, 1825,1825, Waterloo, IA, 50702
Baymont by Wyndham Waterloo
1945 La Porte Rd, Waterloo, IA, 50702
(319) 486-1164
Comfort Inn & Suites Waterloo
2011 Laporte Road, Waterloo, IA, 50702
(319) 234-5452
Hampton Inn Waterloo
2034 La Porte Rd, Waterloo, IA, 50702
(319) 233-2044
Suburban Studios Waterloo
2056 LaPorte Rd, Waterloo, IA, 50702
Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Waterloo
2134 La Porte Road, Waterloo, IA, 50702
(319) 233-2500
Holiday Inn Express Waterloo
2127 La Porte Road, Waterloo, IA, 50702
(319) 493-7996
Motel 6 Waterloo, IA - Crossroads Mall
2141 LaPorte Rd, Waterloo, IA, 50702
(319) 233-9191

Cedar Falls

Super 8 by Wyndham Cedar Falls IA - University
7515 Nordic Dr, Cedar Falls, IA, 50613
(319) 553-6868
Hilton Garden Inn Cedar Falls
7213 Nordic Dr, Cedar Falls, IA, 50613
(319) 266-6611
Comfort Suites Cedar Falls
7402 Nordic Dr, Cedar Falls, IA, 50613
(319) 273-9999
Holiday Inn & Suites Cedar Falls
7400 HUDSON ROAD, Cedar Falls, IA, 50613
(319) 260-2600
Suburban Studios Cedar Falls
300 Viking Rd, Cedar Falls, IA, 50613
(319) 268-2222
AmericInn by Wyndham Cedar Falls
5818 Nordic Drive, Cedar Falls, IA, 50613
(319) 277-6166
Howard Johnson by Wyndham Waterloo/Cedar Falls
3052 Marnie Avenue, Waterloo, IA, 50701
(319) 883-4381

NEW! Farmer’s Market

As a fundraiser for the District, the Stewards Commission invites you to bring items from your garden (fresh or canned), homemade jams/jellies or other specialties, tied blankets, wood carvings, honey, handcrafted soaps and anything else you would like to donate to our Farmer’s Market at District Conference. Please bring your items to the area marked “Farmer’s Market” in the exhibit area either Friday evening or early Saturday morning before our Worshipful Work begins, and the Stewards will take it from there!

The Farmer’s Market will be open on Saturday, August 3rd, from noon-1:00 p.m. and 3:30-6:30 p.m. Come participate in the Farmer’s Market as a generous contributor and consumer knowing that you will be helping to fund the good work of our District. We’ll take payment in the form of cash or checks made out to “Northern Plains District.” Thank you! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Kim Hill Smith at 612-224-6154 or khsmith@usiwireless.com.

NEW! Glasses Collection for Dallas Center

Dallas Center church of the Brethren has a witness project to collect used prescription glasses. We are sending these to the True Vine Ministries in Liberia, Africa for distribution by their ministry team. Please consider bringing your old glasses to District Conference and place them in the collections box. No prescription is too strong or too weak. No glasses are too old or too modern. All glasses are appreciated.